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Thursday, September 30, 2010

NFL Power Rankings Week 4

And you know what?  The bottom 12 teams just look sick.  If they want me to write about them, they can try playing better!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Depressed Fantasy Football Fan

I'm in a 10-man league with 2 RBs 2 WRs... and in 7th place at the moment with a stacked team:

QB Jay Cutler - 6th
RB Arian Foster - 2nd
RB Chris Johnson - 4th
WR Larry Fitzgerald - 25th
WR Calvin Johnson - 36th
TE Dallas Clark - 3rd

QB Ben Roethlisberger - suspended til week 5
RB Pierre Thomas - 15th
RB Peyton Hillis - 10th
WR Brandon Lloyd - 5th
WR Kevin Walter - 7th
WR Santana Moss - 14th

Obviously, looking at that my main weaknesses are Larry Fitz and Calvin Johnson, as I've been starting them and they haven't been producing.  I'm debating starting other WRs over them, but the experts on ESPN still have my starting two ranked #9 and #10, just ahead of Moss at 11.  Where's Brandon Lloyd you ask, #5 receiver in the league at the moment?  He's ranked 43rd.  Guy can't get any love!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Only one game behind the Pack!

I wasn't able to watch all of Monday Night Football, so I missed out on the slew of Packer penalties that ultimately doomed them.  I'm very worried about the Packers, their defense is amazing and I think Aaron Rodgers could very well be the best quarterback of the next 10 years (Peyton won't be playing in 10 years).  The Bears, however, do not worry me.  They've looked very bad in the games I've seen.  They actually SHOULD NOT have won against the Lions, but that's the NFL with stupid, subjective, vague rules for you.

Anyways, I still think the Bears are looking at an 8-8 season.  If the Vikings offense can really start firing on all cylinders, we're only 1 game behind the Pack and will be a game ahead if we can sweep them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vikings still favre away from the playoffs

The Vikes finally notched their first win over the Lions yesterday.  I try telling myself the Lions are a much improved team and this was a solid victory, but let's face the facts:  Detroit is 2-33 over the last three seasons.  Once you start losing that much, it just becomes engrained into you.  Poor Calvin Johnson.  Yet another freak-of-nature that will rot in Detroit like Barry Sanders.

Anyways, onto the Vikings.  I think the defense did a decent job; the only touchdown allowed was following Favre's ill-advised pass to Gerhart for an interception, giving the Lions excellent field position.  It didn't seem like the Vikes really pressured Hill all day until the 4th quarter, which was actually precisely the time it was needed, considering Scheffler continued to get open in our secondary.  I'm actually surprised that Megatron didn't get the ball thrown his way more often; I'm not sure if the Vikes were constantly giving him double teams or what.  Every time the ball went his way though, he caught it.  He's a freaking machine.

Speaking of machines, how about Adrian Peterson?  He gets stuck at the line, apparently for a minimal gain, when suddenly he busts out to the side after a nice stiff-arm and turns on the afterburners.  It still always amazes me how quick he is.  You get so used to seeing him just power through guys that you forget how freaking fast he is.  Not as fast as Chris Johnson, but any RB who can outrun CBs is always going to be a homerun threat.