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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Depressed Fantasy Football Fan

I'm in a 10-man league with 2 RBs 2 WRs... and in 7th place at the moment with a stacked team:

QB Jay Cutler - 6th
RB Arian Foster - 2nd
RB Chris Johnson - 4th
WR Larry Fitzgerald - 25th
WR Calvin Johnson - 36th
TE Dallas Clark - 3rd

QB Ben Roethlisberger - suspended til week 5
RB Pierre Thomas - 15th
RB Peyton Hillis - 10th
WR Brandon Lloyd - 5th
WR Kevin Walter - 7th
WR Santana Moss - 14th

Obviously, looking at that my main weaknesses are Larry Fitz and Calvin Johnson, as I've been starting them and they haven't been producing.  I'm debating starting other WRs over them, but the experts on ESPN still have my starting two ranked #9 and #10, just ahead of Moss at 11.  Where's Brandon Lloyd you ask, #5 receiver in the league at the moment?  He's ranked 43rd.  Guy can't get any love!


  1. haha, fantasy football, love it :D

  2. Jay Cutler the bodybuilder is much cooler :)

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    i like your post!
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  4. It's okay bro, things will get better.

  5. You have a good team on paper, things should get better!

  6. All I can say is cheer up!

    It can only get better, right?

  7. I wouldn't follow so closely to ESPN's rankings on players, they aren't always true.

  8. It could be worse, but anyway, we wish you good luck.

  9. I dont understand fantasy foot ball let alone fantasy drift battle on formula drift, I hate it when I dont understand how things work, any ways hopefully you can show your blog fans how to play fantasy foot ball

  10. Uughhhh I only want Vikings to win the superbowl this year so brett favre can retire...I'm a packers fan .___.

  11. I didn't win a single Fantasy Football game last year, and I haven't won any yet this year, so you're way up on me.

  12. good luck! hope it works out :)

  13. Never been a fan of fantasy football, thinking about trying it though. :D

  14. Dont really get the terms you used. Explain please?

  15. !Antibiootikum:

    Basically, in fantasy football you have 10-12 people in the league, and each person gets to pick individual players on a fantasy team. So you basically end up with 6-10 players that make up your team. Now, however they perform in real life during their games, they earn points based on how they perform. At the end of the week, you add up the points of the guys on your team and see if you win against the team you're up against.

    It's kinda like having your own football team, and it's a pretty fun way to jump into watching the NFL. I know quite a few people that have started watching football because fantasy football is fun, including many lady friends.

    For a little more than the basics, you can check out this link:

  16. lol I have the same wrs in my league, horrible dissappoint

  17. played hattrick in my time, was fun but so harsh