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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Randy Moss is a Titan

It's official. Randy Moss has moved on to his third team this season. The Tennessee Titans. This is one team I didn't really think of him ending up on, but it makes sense. They have the top scoring offense in the league (what?!). They have a homerun threat running back in Chris Johnson. They have an injured Kenny Britt, who plays fairly similarly to Moss. My only wonder is how they'll function once Britt comes back from his hamstring injury. Overall though, this forces defenses to not play 8-9 in the box against the Titans, as Moss automatically draws a CB and a safety over the top.

Am I disappointed in letting Moss go? Hell yes. Now, after hearing about how he chewed out a local family restaurant that was catering--with the team being completely appalled--I feel better about him leaving. This team still has a chance. The rest of our division games are *very* winnable, with 2 against Chicago, 1 vs Green Bay at home, and 1 vs the Lions (better than their record indicates) in the Silverdome. We also have the Cardinals (terrible offense), Buffalo (terrible in general), the Redskins (QB/head coach controversy), the Eagles (never know when their QBs will be injured), and the Giants (legitimately worry about this game). The Vikings very well could pull off an 8-1 run IF they start clicking big time. Even a 7-2 finish (very doable if playing well) could be enough to sneak in. Here's to hoping this isn't a depressing offseason where we watch a bad NFC compete in the playoffs. And watching a draft where we don't have a third round pick. Ugh!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vikings win sloppy

The Vikings managed to beat the Cowboys yesterday after, for the most part, being slightly outplayed. However, the Cowboys shot themselves in the foot repeatedly with stupid penalties, and Romo's two interceptions in Cowboys territory helped quite a bit. Considering both Green Bay and Chicago lost, I don't think yesterday's game was an absolute "must-win" for the Vikes, but it definitely helps for closing the gap in the division. We're now only half a game behind the Packers and 1.5 back from the Bears. If our secondary can get healthy and our offensive line can stop being worthless, I think this division is ours!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Let me just say this about my Vikings: I have been trying to constantly tell myself that Brett Favre just needs to get back into the flow of the offense.  But let's face it: with Sidney Rice sidelined at the moment, Favre really only has one solid receiver in Percy Harvin, and Harvin is young and prone to occasional mistakes.  Well, and TE Visanthe Shiancoe.  But that's not enough to win a division when you start in a 2-game hole.

Well, that's all about to change!  Randy Moss, the most talented player I've seen play for the Vikes (Adrian Peterson is a beast but Moss in his prime years in Minnesota dwarfed AP in "Wow!" moments), is coming back to Minnesota!  It's all but confirmed on ESPN and is likely to be announced officially once some contract issues are figured out on Wednesday.

NOW we have the deep threat we've been looking for.  LOOK at this lineup of skill players (!):
QB Brett Favre
RB Adrian Peterson
WR Randy Moss
WR Sidney Rice
WR Percy Harvin
TE Visanthe Shiancoe

That's 2 Hall of Famers, another likely HOFer, 2 Pro-Bowl caliber players, and last year's Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Can you say STACKED offense?  If our O-line was a little better, I would argue that this could rival the '98 Vikes offense once Sidney comes back.

The only depressing thing?  It's the Vikings.  They will always crush my hopes.

Anyways, we ain't gonna write Randy a check.  Straight ca$h, homey.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First half NFL Sunday

I'm watching NFL RedZone, so I get the best of all games!  If you ever want to watch games, go to, you can watch stuff for free :D

Some things I've seen

St Louis vs Seattle
Sick catch by Amendola for St Louis.  Diving, 1-hand catch!

San Francisco vs Atlanta
Can't believe San Fran is winning this game.  Nice tip INT for the 49ers.

Green Bay vs Lions
Jeez, Rodgers has quite the arm!  LONG bomb.
How about Calvin Johnson!  2 TDs!  Finally contributing on my fantasy team!!!  That second one was pretty awesome, just calls for it in double coverage, jumps up and takes it like he's playing with little kids.

New Orleans vs Carolina
John Carney just kicked a FG, and I like how the announcer made a comment that the 46 year old is in the original Tecmo Bowl.  I for sure knew that he was in Tecmo Super Bowl, because I played that game ALL the time.  He played for the Chargers.  Yeah, I have a sad life.
Edit:  HA!  They just corrected themselves and said the first game was Tecmo Super Bowl, not Tecmo Bowl.  So I played a game like 18 years ago, and this guy is still in the game!  Actually funny enough, Brett Favre was in it too as a Packer!

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills
The Bills used to be my favorite team when I was 9-12 years old, before I became a huge Vikes fan.  It was JUST as depressing.  4 straight Super Bowls when they were freaking loaded... Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, Don Beebe, Andre Reed, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Smith... GAH I hate the Cowboys!  I swear, every team I am a fan of has no chance...

Denver vs Tennessee
Long Bironas FG before the half.  Where has Chris Johnson been?

I'll add more in the second half!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My picks for week 4

 Bolded teams are my picks, first listed is the favorite

@Atlanta vs San Francisco
New York Jets vs @Buffalo
Cincinnati vs @Cleveland
@Green Bay vs Detroit
@Tennessee vs Denver
Seattle vs @St Louis
@New Orleans vs Carolina
@Pittsburgh vs Baltimore
Houston vs @Oakland
Indianapolis vs @Jacksonville
@Philadelphia vs Washington
@San Diego vs Arizona
@New York Giants vs Chicago
New England vs @Miami

Season totals: 30-18, 95th percentile on Yahoo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Depressing Vikes video of the week

Let's start off with the most famous depressing Vikes call that is ALWAYS played on sports radio stations.... "NOOOOOOOOOO!"  I remember actually expecting this to happen when it happened.  Typical Vikings...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

NFL Power Rankings Week 4

And you know what?  The bottom 12 teams just look sick.  If they want me to write about them, they can try playing better!