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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Let me just say this about my Vikings: I have been trying to constantly tell myself that Brett Favre just needs to get back into the flow of the offense.  But let's face it: with Sidney Rice sidelined at the moment, Favre really only has one solid receiver in Percy Harvin, and Harvin is young and prone to occasional mistakes.  Well, and TE Visanthe Shiancoe.  But that's not enough to win a division when you start in a 2-game hole.

Well, that's all about to change!  Randy Moss, the most talented player I've seen play for the Vikes (Adrian Peterson is a beast but Moss in his prime years in Minnesota dwarfed AP in "Wow!" moments), is coming back to Minnesota!  It's all but confirmed on ESPN and is likely to be announced officially once some contract issues are figured out on Wednesday.

NOW we have the deep threat we've been looking for.  LOOK at this lineup of skill players (!):
QB Brett Favre
RB Adrian Peterson
WR Randy Moss
WR Sidney Rice
WR Percy Harvin
TE Visanthe Shiancoe

That's 2 Hall of Famers, another likely HOFer, 2 Pro-Bowl caliber players, and last year's Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Can you say STACKED offense?  If our O-line was a little better, I would argue that this could rival the '98 Vikes offense once Sidney comes back.

The only depressing thing?  It's the Vikings.  They will always crush my hopes.

Anyways, we ain't gonna write Randy a check.  Straight ca$h, homey.


  1. don't be so negative.. they will win

  2. Just don't get your hopes up, that way whatever happens ... well, if they start winning, you're happy, if they don't, you knew it already..

  3. lol Don't let them crush your hopes.

  4. oh well, just being optimistic will help here for sure:3

  5. Pick up Vick and the vikings might be a super bowl contender.



  6. Next time I might shake my d***...hahaha

    following and supporting you
    take care

  7. lets just hope they can put everyone to good use