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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Randy Moss is a Titan

It's official. Randy Moss has moved on to his third team this season. The Tennessee Titans. This is one team I didn't really think of him ending up on, but it makes sense. They have the top scoring offense in the league (what?!). They have a homerun threat running back in Chris Johnson. They have an injured Kenny Britt, who plays fairly similarly to Moss. My only wonder is how they'll function once Britt comes back from his hamstring injury. Overall though, this forces defenses to not play 8-9 in the box against the Titans, as Moss automatically draws a CB and a safety over the top.

Am I disappointed in letting Moss go? Hell yes. Now, after hearing about how he chewed out a local family restaurant that was catering--with the team being completely appalled--I feel better about him leaving. This team still has a chance. The rest of our division games are *very* winnable, with 2 against Chicago, 1 vs Green Bay at home, and 1 vs the Lions (better than their record indicates) in the Silverdome. We also have the Cardinals (terrible offense), Buffalo (terrible in general), the Redskins (QB/head coach controversy), the Eagles (never know when their QBs will be injured), and the Giants (legitimately worry about this game). The Vikings very well could pull off an 8-1 run IF they start clicking big time. Even a 7-2 finish (very doable if playing well) could be enough to sneak in. Here's to hoping this isn't a depressing offseason where we watch a bad NFC compete in the playoffs. And watching a draft where we don't have a third round pick. Ugh!


  1. i feel ya , tho not a fan of the vikings , but ya hopefully thay well look really good,

  2. I wonder if Moss leaving is why he chewed out the catering staff or him chewing them out was part of the choice to trade him.